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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure and an honour for me to extend to you a warm invitation to participate and attend the 12th IAAS International Congress On Ambulatory Surgery, to be held between May 8 – 10, 2017 at the Beijing International Convention Centre, Beijing, China.

This Congress will be the first ambulatory surgery Congress in Asia, organised by the International Association For Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS) and the China Ambulatory Surgery Alliance (CASA). The theme of the 12th Congress is „ Accessibility, Equity and Efficiency” in ambulatory surgery, aiming to develop, and expand ambulatory surgery in knowledge and practice across China, Asia and the globe, emphasizing the current efforts of IAAS to affirm that ambulatory surgery is an essential component of health care reform, with a significant impact and effect on the social and economic development.

The organizers, through a wide range of collaboration and cooperation of many professionals and experts in the field, will provide a very rich scientific programme to enhance the process of knowledge transfer, thus giving the chance to develop ambulatory in surgery the region.

The site of the Congress will be Beijing, the exciting and beautiful Capital of China, and surely you will enjoy the famous hospitality, the city tours and gastronomy of our Chinese friends.

I hope that everyone will take home the message of this Congress to develop and expand ambulatory surgery in his country to ensure the best quality and safety of its clinical practices. I wish you  all 3 fruitful days of  interesting,  beneficial and scientific programme and also that you will have a pleasant stay in China.

Welcome to Beijing!

Gamal eldin Mohamed Md, PhD
President, IAAS

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