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Dear Friends,

It is a great honor to invite you to attend the 12th IAAS International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery.

The 2017 Beijing congress is the first IAAS international congress that will be held in Asia. We are excited to invite global ambulatory surgery experts to China!

China is a large country with 1.37 billion people. There are 983,500 health institutions (including 27,587 hospitals) and about 7 million beds. Hospitals accommodate 7.693 billion visits, and 209 million discharges every year, of which 45 million are surgeries. Deepening health system reform brings new opportunity. Ambulatory surgery can improve efficiency and reduce cost of health care, thereby benefiting patients and the society as a whole. 

The 12th IAAS Congress will introduce advanced concept into China and its neighboring countries, to help improve accessibility of the vulnerable, enable equitable and accessible ambulatory surgery, and effectively promote WHO initiatives to achieve universal health coverage.

We believe it will become a new starting point for the Asia-Pacific to boost ambulatory surgery. In order to expand its influence, we will also convene China National Ambulatory Surgery Annual Congress and the 1st Chinese Ambulatory Surgery Medical Equipment and Instruments Exhibition. Domestic and international experts in ambulatory surgery as well as representatives from health care administration and related industries will attend this congress.

To expand influence of IAAS in Asia, we will offer subsidies to some representatives from certain developing countries in Asia and the Pacific to attend the meeting, thereby promoting ambulatory surgery in those countries.  

Beijing, an ancient city of more than 3,000 years, awaits you in May 2017!

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