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Gala Dinner

There will be a closing dinner at May 9th, and traditional Chineses performance will be provided during the dinner. We are looking forward to your participant.
(Expenses:RMB 300/per person)


1. Folk Music
    Played by Beijing Song and Dance ensemble

Folk music in china has a long history which happened in four or five thousand years ago. Some of the folk music is played on solo instruments or ensembles of plucked and bowed stringed instruments. Folk music isn’t only has the important position through the Chinese traditional culture, but also in connection w’ith each other, blend with each other and collaborative development. Please enjoy the show with the Ancient music that has spread for thousands of years till now.

2. Chinese Acrobatics-Contortion
    Played by Beijing Shengshi Changlong Acrobatic Group

Contortion is as a family in a traditional Chinese acrobatics, the Chinese nation is an ancient art wonderful work, and Contortion is an unusual form of physical display which involves the dramatic bending and flexing of the human body. Contortion is often part of acrobatics and circus acts. In general, contortionists have unusual natural flexibility, which is then enhanced through gymnastic training.

3. Sichuanese opera " Turn hostile"
    played by China National Peking Opera Company

Sichuan Opera is the treasure house of Chinese opera, It has a long history of keeping the fine traditions of a lot of repertoire, and rich melodies and superb performing arts. Sichuan Opera is the face of the special skills of the performing arts one. It is the characters inner thoughts and feelings of the performance of a romantic way. Face approach can be divided into three types - hand face, blowing face, and push face. All right, let's enjoy the Sichuan Opera. Turn Hostile.

   Played by CCTV Invited Magician

Chinese Folk Art

The dough figurine is a mixture of flour, glutinous rice flour and various colors, pinched into various figurines of people and animals. In the past, the dough figurine masters often carried a small box and walked around Hutong. If he met somebody who wanted to buy dough figurine, he would stop and make some on the spot. He would be surrounded by children
watching him pinching. It was indeed a visual enjoyment. He pinched the colorful dough and attached it to a small stick and by techniques of rubbing, pinching, and pressing, the rough shape of a figurine then came into being. Then the master would refine it through tools of knife, thread and toothpick. A nice dough figurine was well done. But now, one can only see this traditional art craft on temple fair.

Sugar Figure Blowing

As a traditional Chinese folk art, the Sugar Figure Blowing Art have a long history. But it is gradually disappearing in the process of economic development in China. It is said that this folk art was formed in the Song Dynasty; at that time it was called opera candy. The Sugar Figure Blowing Art uses sugar as its basic material, and the artists have their own ways to boil sugar and blow it into various figures. Artists heat up sugar to proper temperature, then pull some syrup and knead it to a ball. Then they make different shapes by using different skills and paint bright colors on the figures. This art is really a combination of hand, eye, heart, breath, and the timing of temperature skill. If there is one skill you couldn’t perform well, the whole procedure will be a failure.

Straw Weavings


Straw plaiting is a method of manufacturing textiles by braiding straw. Straw is plaited to produce products including hats and ornaments

Fan Painting

Fan painting's history can be traced back to the Tang dynasty, when fan was round, so called fan. Song dynasty, fans have appeared in the shape of banana-shaped fan. Collection of calligraphy and painting in one fan, began in the Ming dynasty. During Ming and Qing dynasty, Fan painting gradually identified itself as a unique artistic type, and has gradually formed an independent aesthetic system. When the Qing dynasty, fan painting is a kind of art that the scholars willing to play and collection of works of art.

Fan Painting

Folk flower, also known as Dragon characters, colorful flower, bird, insect and fish combined alligraphy, drafted the text and is often used in writing a person's name, is also called painting name, and so on. It uses colorful brushes, and quickly paint simple shape instead of text, expresses the auspicious Festival and many other effects, and enhance the charm of text and visual appeal. Dragon, Phoenix dance, flowers, birds, fish, grass, insects, mountains, water and other patterns in place was beautifully written Chinese characters.

Paper Cut


Of all folk art works, paper-cut is the most participated. Often characterized by geographical  egions, papercut is rich with historical and cultural heritage. Even though it has only been two thousand years since the invention of paper, the cultural implication and art forms that paper-cut represents goes back all the way to primitive society 6000 - 7000 years ago. The cultural value it carries far exceeds the value of art itself it enriches the entire original Chinese art system, art formation and color structure, having deep impact on philosophy, aesthetics, history, ethnology,sociology and anthropology.

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