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May 5

DateTimeOffered TopicsOutlinelecturerOrganizationTitleTitle in IAAS
2016/5/511:00-11:40Ambulatory Surgery in general• Definition
• advantages of AS:
o For the healthcare system
o For the patient
o Economics & Cost-effectiveness
o Safe-high quality care
o Better organisation
• Innovation in day surgery
• Overcoming barriers of day surgery
 Gamal MohamedHungarian Association For Ambulatory Surgery (HAAS)President & Founder, Hungarian Association For Ambulatory Surgery (HAAS)president of IAAS
11:40-12:20Patient Education• Patient information
• Techniques to educate patient
Carlo CastoroItalian Federation of Ambulatory Surgery (FIDS)
Surgical Oncology Department of the Veneto Institute of Oncology/the Postgraduate school of General Surgery at the University of Padua School of Medicine
Head /Assistant Professor of Surgeryformer president of IAAS
13:50-14:30Planning and organisation ambulatory surgery programmesoPlanning & designing day surgery units
• Hospital integrated
• Free-standing
o Organisation in a multidisciplinary & multi-professional scenario
o The pathway
Jan Hendrik Eshuis 
Dutch Association of Day Care & Short Stay (NVDK) Medisch Hoofd AMC Dagcentrum
AnesthesioloistSecretary International Association for Ambulatory Surgery IAAS
14:30-15:10Preoperative Assessment• Selection criteria
• Optimising the patient  
• Family education
• How to manage – e.g. diabetes, cardiac, warfarin and anti-platelet treatment
• When and how do you perform preoperative assessment
• Preoperative tests – should any be performed? Who, what and cost.
Ian James Blackie JacksonBritish Association of Day Surgery (BADS) former president of IAAS
15:10-15:50Procedures and patient selection for ambulatory surgery programmes Day Surgery procedures
Surgical pre-operative screening and selection criteria
Paediatric issues
Douglas McwhinnieBritish Association of Day Surgery (BADS) Chair of scientific committee
15:50-16:30Day of surgery – management of patients• Management of patients – nursing, anaesthetic and surgical discussed together
• Anaesthetic techniques for AS
• Tools for securing patient safety – the use of check lists        
• Surgery
o Eg Hernia - possible
§ Awake VS. GA
§ Open VS. closed
§ Field block vs spinal

Beverly Khnie PhilipSociety for Ambulatory Anaesthesia (SAMBA)/Harvard Medical School/Day Surgery Unit,Brigham and Women's Hospital/Professor of Anaesthesia/Founding DirectoVice President for Scientific Affairs
Role of Nursing in Day Surgery Wendy  Adams Quality Consultant 

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