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May 6

DateTimeOffered TopicsOutlinelecturerOrganizationTitleTitle in IAAS
o Fast track recovery
o Links to enhanced recovery
• Minimizing DS complications: controlling pain and PONV(For the“hospital-community extension rehabilitation”, we want to know more information related to the rehabilitation outside of the hospital after surgery: how to engage with the outside hospitals or institutions for wound healing, wound care and wound dressing changes? How the work is distributed and managed? If such information will be included in “Rehabilitation” part of courses by Gamal, it will be good)
Ian James Blackie JacksonBritish Association of Day Surgery (BADS) Former president of IAAS
9:20-10:00Discharge, the end of the pathwayo Criteria
o Nurses led discharge
o Information for patient and homecarer
Paulo Lemos   
10:30-11:00tea break
11:00-11:40Follow upFollow up
o How to manage
o Is it necessary?
o Outcome assessment and quality management
Paulo Lemos   
14:00-14:45Payment of Day SurgeryExperience from
Jan Eshuis (15 mins)
Beverly Philip (15 mins)
Douglas McWhinnie (15 mins)
15:30-17:00Summary and Certificate Awarding

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