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Asmc Project

To improve the accessibility and equality of medical care especially to the underserved people in developing countries, China Ambulatory Surgery Alliance (CASA), entrusted by International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS),  intends to set up “IAAS Asia Ambulatory Surgery Management Center for Publicity, Promotion and Training Project " (hereinafter referred to as “ASMC”) in China. The Center, by demonstrating China's successful experiences in promoting ambulatory surgery, intends to help, provide and enhance learning of ambulatory surgical methodology in theory and practice, and to share knowledge that meets legitimate needs of the local communities. The management of this Center intends to invite government officials, medical industry groups, and representatives from different groups of anesthesiologists, surgeons and skilled nurses from Asian countries to visit China’s ambulatory surgery facilities and study their management activities. Such efforts, in turn, would stimulate and influence Asian countries to develop and promote ambulatory surgery in their regions. Therefore, the accessibility of ambulatory surgery to the underserved people aims to be improved greatly in Asian developing countries.


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